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Loyal Source's MSP programs offer a single-source solution for ALL job types and departments (both Clinical and Non-Clinical). From organizational leaders to patient-facing and support personnel, Loyal Source will activate its industry-leading, robust recruiting engine to find the right staff for the right role at the right time.

We are a truly partnership-focused company and are always trying to exceed the expectations of our consumers.

If you have or currently utilize an MSP strategy, are you getting more than just the basics: cost control, process optimization, and visibility? If you have not utilized an MSP program, the benefits can be a game-changer for your organization as we navigate through the next weeks and months.

Loyal Source is committed to providing a maximum return to customers and becoming a strategic business partner offering thought leadership and best practices with patient and employee satisfaction in mind.


Indeed, cost avoidance and reduction remain baseline requirements. In today's world, some MSPs have evolved in limited ways (incorporating international candidates or managing independent contractors), yet the expectations are requirements have changed (in some ways significantly). Programs must now recognize and address head-on changes in the client's business market and competition in conjunction with internal demand trends and constantly changing supply-side dynamics.


  • Sourcing and managing SOW and labor-related services, not just staffing
  • Focusing on new supply sources for talent acquisition
  • Staying abreast of the benefits of incorporating "gig economy" innovations
  • Including a more strategic, predictive orientation
  • Gaining more analytical insight into spending and sourcing trend (even predictive analysis)
  • Improving the speed and agility of source-to pay
  • Ensuring legal and corporate policy compliance

Loyal Source is committed to closing the gap between what MSPs currently are and what we need to become to address the emerging needs and requirements of the current and future landscape. 



Float pools and flexible workforce solutions are paramount to healthcare delivery. The economic collapse of 2008 and the recent Covid-19 pandemic have permanently changed the way healthcare specialists view employment. More than ever, healthcare workers demand autonomy in their schedule.

In fact, recent trends are beginning to show a much larger role in the gig economy for healthcare staff.

Having contingency resources that can flex up and down with patient demand is a vital resource and can ease a lot of strain when it comes to staffing. A resource pool is one such resource.

Although not a new concept, resource pools have evolved in recent years. Depending on the size of the facility or system, there may be more than one type of resource pool to provide the greatest benefit to the organization.

Finding a trusted partner to identify the right size of the resource pool and manage it is a new approach.

Collaborating with an organization that has the knowledge and expertise of resource pool strategies sets the healthcare system up for a successful implementation. Examining staffing metrics and conducting an analysis of staffing demand versus supply to discover an organization's current labor state will determine the optimal size of core staff and contingency resources needed to handle the volume.

Designing and maintaining a resource pool is not a "be-all-end-all" solution to workforce management

Workforce Management is a piece of the puzzle that when combined with other strategies such as policy standardization, staffing and scheduling automation, and centralized resource management works to best optimize a provider organization's workforce.

When designing a resource pool, it is important to remember that it is a contingency resource. Even if resource pool nurses carry an FTE, their purpose is to fill staffing needs once core staff have been scheduled to their commitments.

Accordingly, they should not be treated like core staff and blocked to specific units. This defeats the strategy of sharing these resources to fill the organization's most critical needs. Outsourcing this business process to the right partner allows objectivity when deploying resources and placing staff where most needed.

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