Carly Faren

National Recruiter

About me:

I like candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, and finding you your dream job!

What I love about recruitment:

It’s like matching. Finding a qualified candidate for a great facility just feels right!


Travel nurses!

Fun facts:

My dog’s name is Hank and you can find him on every article of clothing I wear!

Great Recruiters Ratings


Carly has proven to be a very compassionate and caring recruiter who is very driven to help her clients find positions and keep them happy before and after their assignments. It’s true that I’ve just met Carly but I can tell this far she is a sharp shooter when it comes to her clients and honest to the core , which truthfully people can love or hate, but I for one appreciate hardcore honesty. After all, honesty has always been the best policy so why give anything but. Thank you 🙏 for allowing me the opportunity to rate Miss Carly, I love her so far a hope that we have the beginnings of a long lasting friendship/partnership that will benefit the both of us 💯, God bless
Carly was very professional, she thoroughly answered my questions. She's very knowledgeable and all her responses are very prompt. I appreciate her work ethic.
Her response time was incredible. She made me feel understood. Almost like the job she was contacting me about was tailored just for me.
Perhaps the hardest working recruiter I've worked with, super fast turn around and everything she said was on point

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